4 Awesome Benefits of Avocados


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It is hard to mention healthy living, superfoods, veganism, or even sandwiches without mentioning avocados. They seem to be everywhere. Nearly every chain restaurant offers healthy options that have avocados. You can even find them in beauty products and routines. Though some people call it a food driven fad, there are other reasons you are likely seeing them everywhere. Here are the four benefits of avocados that you may not be thinking of.

They’re a Great Source of Potassium

Bananas are the first thing many people grab for when they think of potassium needs. Believe it or not, avocadoes have more potassium than bananas. The reason this is so vital to many people, and their history of health risks, is because of what an increase of potassium can do. The increase of potassium helps with a reduction in blood pressure. This reduction is directly related to a reduction in the risk for heart attacks and strokes. If you have a family history of kidney failure, or you are at risk, the potassium found in avocados can help reduce your risks with this as well.

Amazing Fiber Content

When you think about avocados, you probably do not think of fiber. Fiber tends to bring things like vegetables or fiber supplements to mind. Avocado actually has 100 grams of fiber per serving. That far outweighs several of the foods we generally reach for when fiber comes up as a health need. The key to keep in mind when it comes to the fiber contained in avocado is that it is soluble fiber. This means it is easier on the gut throughout the entire time of digestion. This means it is not as hurtful as a harder fiber or a fiber grain.

Nutrient Absorption

One of the problems that tend to plague people is the ability of the body to absorb nutrients from plants and fruits. If you eat avocado you will take in the fats that help your body absorb those nutrients better. They can help your body seek out the nutrients and latch onto them. This will mean you can put those nutrients to use and dispose of the proper amount in waste instead of disposing of all the nutrients through digestion.

These benefits are ideal if you are trying to go for a superfood that can do it all. They are also ideal for someone who has reached an age where a superfood that can bring immune system benefits is vital.


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