6 New Outdoor Workouts To Try During the Fall

A woman exercising outdoors.

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If you want to get outside and workout in the fall, there are some great exercises that might be a little different from the norm. Instead of just walking or going on a hike, consider some of these fun and new outdoor workout trends.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Couple standup paddleboarding
Couple standup paddleboarding

When you live somewhere that still has mild weather conditions in the fall, perhaps even some heat during the season, stand-up paddleboarding is a great exercise to try. While not completely new, this is definitely gaining in popularity recently. With paddleboarding, you are standing on top of the board in the ocean and using balance while using a paddle to move the board. It helps to tone your entire body.

Hill Sprints

Running on seaside hill

There are a lot of walking and sprinting exercises you can do outdoors, but none are like the hill sprints. This combine the incline of a hill with the fast speed and strength required for sprinting. The hill spring is also a type of HIIT workout, which stands for high intensity interval training. You are going to run as fast as you can up a hill for a short period of time. Go back down the hill, and go up again as many times as you can.

Exercise Scavenger Hunt

This is a unique exercise that is starting to gain popularity. It is a fun outdoor exercise that people of all ages can do. Instead of a regular scavenger hunt, you are actually jogging or running outside to pick up the various items on your list. Some scavenger hunts also require you to do certain exercises before you pick up each item, such as doing a certain number of burpees or crunches.

Park or Playground Workout

Workout at the park outdoors, girl with her coach doing exercises on the grass.
Workout at the park outdoors, girl with her coach doing exercises on the grass.

You can also head to the local park or playground and make use of the extra space and playground equipment for your workout. Turn this into a circuit training session, such as doing some burpees, trying pull-ups on the bar, and attempting to run up the slide if it is strong enough to support your weight and no kids are waiting to slide down! Mountain climbers, sprints, and jumproping are some other things you can include in the park circuit training session.

Crossfit Outdoors

All you need to do some crossfitting is to head outdoors. Whether you are making pit stops on a road trip or you are doing it at the park, you can easily incorporate crossfit workout routines into your outdoor exercise. Some things to include are:

  • Crunches
  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Lunges


You might also want to give rowing a try, which you can do outdoors in a boat. Rowing is great if you live somewhere with a river or lake and have access to a rowing boat and paddles. This is excellent exercise for your upper body especially.


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