When the cold months end and spring is in the air, most home makers get in the mood for a good and vigorous spring cleaning, chasing away the accumulation of spider webs on the outside of the windows, cleaning up the garage and closets and doing tasks that require opening the windows, such as oven cleaning. A hundred years ago, people also gave their bodies a ‘spring cleaning’, using herbs and various elixirs designed to clean the body. Somehow, (maybe due in part to the odious cod liver oil Mama always had on hand), this practice fell by the wayside as modern medicine progressed, with a solution to every ailment. However, a yearly body cleansing diet is perhaps more necessary than it was a century ago.

“Just like home spring cleaning, a periodic body cleansing diet does your body good!”

Today, there are many environmental pollutants which accumulate as toxins in our bodies. For example, automobile, truck and bus emissions are everywhere. If you’ve ever gone outside a major metropolitan airport to stretch your legs while waiting for a connecting flight, you know what I’m talking about – the air doesn’t look fit to breathe and smells just as bad. Pesticides are other offenders. Poor dietary habits can create deficiencies which leave your body in a poor condition. All of these factors contribute to a variety of health conditions. Using a body cleansing diet is one way to fight back and flush some of these toxins from your body and give you a fresh start.

Here are just a few ways to refresh your body’s organs and boost your immune system function, all without the unpleasant ritual of cod liver oil!

Your liver and kidneys are the main storage and processing organs for any toxins which find their way into your body. Let’s address these first. The root of the dandelion plant is a marvelous tonic for your liver, detoxifying and strengthening the function of this most important organ. Every body cleansing diet should include this powerful and safe herb. If your liver function is impaired with a condition such as the classic ‘fatty’ liver, use Milk Thistle seed, another safe remedy, which, while acting as a tonic, also has the proven ability to regenerate liver cells.

To keep your kidneys in top condition, cranberries are an excellent way to disinfect the kidneys and flush out accumulated toxins. This addition to your body cleansing diet decreases your risk of urinary tract and other bacterial infections of the kidneys. If you like cranberry juice, a glass a day helps keep the doctor away. Alternatively, you can buy powdered cranberries, in capsules, at the health food store to keep your kidneys healthy.

One reason we feel so bad when we’re down with the flu is that an excess of toxins are released into the blood stream, causing those awful muscle aches and pains. Here, burdock root provides a way to rapidly and throughly clean your bloodstream.

In moist and damp winter climates, you may develop respiratory conditions, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Given the right conditions, these can become chronic, eventually progressing to even more serious and even fatal conditions. Even if you breeze through the cold months without coming down with anything, a good body cleansing diet should address issues of the lungs. A combination of elecampane root, pleurisy root and a dash of cayenne pepper, in approximately a 8:2:1 ratio respectively, restores your lungs and cleans out any pockets of mucus you may not have even noticed.

Get your immune system response in top condition with Echinacea, now widely known to ward off colds, when taken at the fist sign of symptoms.

We all have just one body to carry us through life. Implementing a body cleansing diet once or twice a year will help keep you hale and hearty well into your older years.



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