Cellulite and Cleanses?

Black woman with cellulites

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You may have heard about cleanses to increase weight loss and overall health. Cleanse supporters claim that it removes toxins, increases energy levels, and improves digestion. What does that have to do with cellulite?

Interestingly, cellulite isn’t a sign of poor health in and of itself. It may simply be the result of genetics or hormones. In some cases, though, cellulite is caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits, like poor diet and lack of exercise. That’s when a cleanse may be helpful in the treatment of cellulite.

Some people say that one way to treat cellulite is through a detoxifying cleanse. The reason for this is the toxins build up in the cells, making them unhappy and unhealthy looking. Cleaning out these toxins can help the appearance and performance of the fat cells themselves.

Cleaning out toxins and other waste products in the body may have a positive effect on cellulite. Cellulite may improve after heightened energy levels. Exercise may also play a key role in cellulite reduction because it can increase muscle and decrease fat.

Detoxing is said to not only help with digestion, but also reduce cellulite. Some people believe toxins cause cellulite, and so improving the digestive system is an important step in reducing the problem. Detoxing helps your stomach by removing food and drink intake while letting your digestive system have time to rest.

Some sources claim that cleanses can reduce body fat, which might help get rid of cellulite if its cause is excess weight.

Cleansing has been proven to help improve your skin tone. There are also cleanses that are specifically designed to reduce cellulite, such as scrubs, wraps, and creams. These treatments have been shown to have improved skin tone.



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