Combat Anxiety with These 5 Essential Oils


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When you experience anxiety, you tend to worry more and sleep less. Anxiety is a disorder that causes people to worry more than normal. Sometimes this is a little, but more often than not, it is excessive. You can lose sleep, feel irritable and get tired from suffering. These are more of the mild symptoms. Usually they start gradually and get worse.

When people suffer from a panic disorder it can cause your heart to pound faster. Another anxiety disorder can be triggered when you encounter some of your phobias such as heights.

Doctor’s estimate that over 40 million American’s suffer from anxiety in one form or another. One way to help treatment is with essential oils. Here are five that you could try to reduce your anxiety attacks:

Vetiver Essential Oil

Vertiver essential oil is used to keep a person calm. This natural essential oil can be for people who experience panic attacks.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Can treat your anxiety disorder, this bergamot oil is tested and proven to help you lessen the stress you are feeling. When you apply bergamot essential oil to your body, you will start to notice yourself responding less to stress. Bergamot will give you a fresh feeling coming from a citrus sense. Another thing that it balances is the stress you are currently feeling.

Chamomile Essential Oil


If you feel that stress is on your doorstep, then you may want to relax by using a chamomile essential oil. One symptom of anxiety is that you tend to worry severely. To get peace of mind and feel less stressed the answer for you could be to use chamomile oil. Add chamomile to coconut oil for a relaxing effect on your skin and body.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Citrus is known for adding a lively essence. When you drink citrus, can gain energy and that means you’ll feel more alive and cheerful. That is because citrus can uplift your emotions. You will feel happy. According to studies, sweet orange essential oil can be used as an antidepressant, which means it can treat your depression. You don’t need to squeeze oranges to get this affect because there is a sweet orange essential oil in the grocery store.

Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils. That is due to the fact that if offers so many benefits – helping with anxiety is one of them. Use a diffuser to fully appreciate the aroma and the calming feeling that this lavender essential oil can offer.

Lavender oil is also available in a capsule form, so you can either inhale it or take it orally.

Anxiety is a huge issue that many people face. You can go to the doctor and get medicine prescribed, but there is also a natural treatment. You’ll have to find the right combo for you.


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