FOUND: The Best Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

There’s a  great little bakery counter within walking distance from my house that has the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. They’re the size of your face, golden brown on the edges and soft and gooey on the inside. It takes a lot of self discipline to not walk over and get one every day!

Unfortunately, that self discipline doesn’t extend to my home, where (thanks to my love of baking) I make cookies with increasing regularity. Since my husband and I can’t shouldn’t eat them all, we end up sharing with lots of happy friends.

I recently noticed there was always at least one friend with a sad face letting me know, “I really wish I could have one but I’m [insert dietary restriction here]”. And, well, that made me sad too. Everyone deserves to enjoy a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie.

So, I decided to embark on a journey to create a vegan, gluten free chocolate chip cookie that would satisfy everyone’s craving for a classic chocolate chip cookie no matter their dietary restrictions. And I’m happy to report that I succeeded.

Unlike other vegan, gluten free cookies I’ve tried, this one doesn’t taste like weird gluten free flour, it doesn’t have flax seed in it, and it doesn’t leave you saying “this will do.” Instead, these cookies will leave you convinced they’re the real deal and will all but certainly have you reaching for more than one.

A gluten free flour blend was not used because I think they leave a funky aftertaste. So I used my favorite alternatives: almond and oat flour. Those two flours need something to bind it all together, so I added cornstarch.

One of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes uses brown butter, and I think it adds an incredible depth of flavor to the cookie. I wanted to replicate the nutty flavor of brown butter, so I infused the cooking oil with chopped pecans. When they begin to simmer, you can smell the pecan flavor mixing with the oil. Yum! Note that this is totally optional, but I highly recommend it.

To replace traditional butter, I used a mix of cooking oil and all-vegetable shortening. Since I wanted to use melted butter, cooking oil made a great replacement. Something a little fattier was needed, though, which is why I opted for shortening as well.

The egg replacement was a mix of applesauce and baking powder. The applesauce offers a similar moisture to the eggs, while the baking powder helps keep the texture of the end product light.

I know it’s hard to wait an hour for cookies, but the final step is to freeze the dough before baking. This is absolutely necessary to help them hold their shape and keep from spreading too much. If you don’t freeze the dough, your cookies will still taste amazing, but will turn out completely flat. If you just can’t help yourself, I understand if you skip this step. Desperate times call for desperate measures, after all.

These cookies are simple to make and feature ingredients commonly found at a normal grocery store. And bonus: cleanup is a breeze since they only require using two bowls. Enjoy!!

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