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4. My GPS is acting up and not showing accurate details. Is there anything I can do?

If you have a feeling that your GPS results are inaccurate or if you’re having trouble getting a GPS signal, please follow these instructions step by step:

  • Be sure that you have the latest version of the Runtastic app installed.
  • Restart your smartphone and then open the app – be sure that you have a visible line to the sky (very important!).

Wait until there is a green GPS signal indicator before you start tracking your next activity. If you do not see the green indicator, open Google Maps or iOS Maps, then open up the Runtastic app and allow it 2-5 min to search for a GPS signal. If you’ve tried all of the above without any success, it’s possible that the app did not download onto your phone correctly. Try deleting and reinstalling the app. Make sure that all your activities are synced to beforehand because your history will be cleared from your device.

Note: Each smartphone has different built-in GPS receivers, so we cannot guarantee exact tracking results.

When starting an activity, please be mindful of these areas and try to avoid them:

  • Very cloudy areas
  • High buildings
  • Deep forests
  • Lakes, seas and other areas with huge amounts of water

If you end up in one of these areas, it can affect your GPS signal during your activity.

And please be aware that just because your map apps (Google Maps, iOS Maps, etc.) may be able to pick up and show your location on the map doesn’t mean that your device’s GPS is functioning properly or that a GPS fixed has been achieved. Keep in mind that cellular network or wi-fi signals could be used to show your location on the map.

This answer came from our Support Team at In future, feel free to search there for any questions you may have regarding any of our apps and products.

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